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Road and Traffic Safety Dept. Road sign production,
digital printing, special roll to roll ultraprecision
cutting, silk printing. We supply safety products
and finished products for domestic traffic safety,
construction, and public offices, and operate various
customer management programs related to various
laws, regulations, laws, and brochures, as well as price
information and design.

about SR about SR


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To become the best company
specializing in automobiles

To become the best company specializing in automobiles
we are committed to researching and developing high-end
materials and supplying products through Quality Week
for a long time and we strive to create an environment full of
positive energy in the city as automotive application content
that captures the field of road traffic safety and the times.

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We are moving forward
to become the best
professional company
in the automotive sector.

  • 2021

    02. Professional 3D scanner HDI carbon profile

    04. Indoor installation room(PPF Center, TEAMCARSKIN *hwaseong / *Seocho, silk-printing room) automatic humidity control device for environmental improvement ZET-MIST installation

    05. Extra-large dry dryer (1.2 M ultra-long width × 10 M) silk printing facilities expansion


    01. Completed contract of Fire truck in district of Gyeonggi-do (10.5 billion)

    02. Finished SR Car skin academy 25th & Professional class of 15th

    03. Applied Silk Machine(1200*2400), Dual Drying Machine

    04. Enlarged head office in Seoul, Open Team Car Skin at Seocho


    08. Applied Super Size 3th Cutting Machine

    09. Adopted Machine of Edge Sealing(Ultra Sonic)

    10. Participated in 2019 “Auto Week”

    11. Obtained Certificate of 3M MCS Warranty


    07. Co-participation in the Education division of the Tunning Association

    09. SR Car skin academy 19th & Professional class 9th completed

    10. Participated in "2018 Auto Week" in Kintex (10.19-10.21)

  • 2017

    01. SR-Lite Launching

    03. Extra large rewinding slitter Introduction

    04. HMC Customizing decal, mo Morning, Newrise, Stonic roofskin

    05. Accumulated 1000 units of the emergency Starex 119 ambulance decals

    06. Export ambulance decals Madagascar 50s, Order of 140 units in Uzbekistan

    07. Participated in Seoul Auto Salon in 2017 (7.13 ~ 16)

    09. Korea Automobile Tuning Multipurpose Organization Director

    10. 3M USA Endorsed Knifeless tape installer certification

    11. SR Carwrap academy 16th & Professional class 4th completed


    01. 3M Authorized Graphics Training and Testing Facility

    02. SR Total homepage open

    02. 3M AD Distributor

    06. Completed construction of new plant in Building 3(600㎡)

    07. Korea Automobile Tuning Multipurpose Organization Education manager

    10. 1st Incheon Korea Tuning Festival Sponsorship / Participation

    12. 3M SR Carwrap academy 9th completed

  • 2015

    01. 3M AAD Distributor

    02. Team Carskin Open

    08. SR hwasing factory expansion (4,500㎡)

    09. SRArt - SRArt Co., Ltd.(법인전환)

    10. Established SR Car Wrap Academy


    04. Adopted Mimaki Super size board cutting machine (Japan)

    07. Adopted High speed board roll to roll cutting machine (ZUND, Swiss)

    09. Truck Rear reflective board machine equipped


    01. Established SR Art (Design, automobile industry)

    04. Certificate of 3M Korea's Authorized Ind Graphics Manufacturer

  • 2012

    09. SR Industry gained verification of ISO 9001, 14001

    10. SR Industry affiliated reaserach center established

    10. SR Industry INNO-BIZ verified

    11. SR Seoul center expansion(Seocho gu Secho dae ro 4 gil17)


    04. SR Seoul (Bangbaedong)relocated/ parted from SR Industry


    04. Office building and factory expansion(Hwa seong City)

    11. LG Housis advertisement, digital & tunning products' agency

  • 2009

    01. SR Online shopping mall open

    02. Adopted Super size solvent machine, ink-jet printer

    08. SR & SR Industry gained venture enterprise certificates.


    02. 3M Korea ad & Digital agency

    04. expansion of SR (Gyung-gi Gwacheon)

    07. Establishing SR industry(manufacture), apart from SR

    11. Small-Medium company direct producer verified

    11. Adopted Board cutting machine, Roll rewinding machine, String machine


    02. 3M Korea's traffic safety products agency.

  • 2006

    11. SR Online shopping mall OPEN


    01. Avery Korea's traffic safety products agency.

    03. JIAXINLITE Korea's head agency

    04. Avery Korea's ad & digital products agency.

    07. SR Homepage OPEN


    11. Established SILENT REVOULTION(Seoul Seocho Bangbe)

    12. Roadowl Traffic Paint Korea's overall agency